Choose your faction

All factions have their own unique playstyle and objective.

Defend your troops with the enlightened Humans.

Burn your enemies with the sneaky Goblins.

Unleash endless hordes with the relentless Undead.

Take control of your enemies with the forces of Chaos.

Feed on your enemies to evolve your savage Primals.

Create your battleground

Create infinite scenario’s with the hexagon tiles of Rite.

Use 106 map tiles to create any map you like.

Vary the shape of the map, as well as the components.

Choose the level of randomness and the level of interaction.

Be as creative as you like.

Summon, move, defeat

Summon up to three different unit types.

Move your units across the map to complete objectives.

Defeat your enemies by surrounding them.

Defend your units by backing them up.

Unleash your Commander

Pray for your Angel.

Bring fire for the Red Dragon Wyrmling.

Chant for Death.

Gather for the Hive Mind.

Hunt for Ultimatosaur.

Unlock your powers

Rally, wander, protect and ascend.

Burn, rise from the ashes, frenzy and set aflame.

Summon, rise again, empower and overwhelm.

Command, corrupt, manipulate and control.

Rush, roar, group and feed.

Complete your rite

Activate shrines to call upon the might of the Angels.

Set aflame fire beacons to call upon an Ancient Red Dragon.

Activate runes to open a portal to the Underworld.

Infiltrate all other factions and destroy them from within.

Devour your enemies to evolve an almighty Primal.

Beware the Firelord

Watch the flames.

Evade the rocks.

Avoid lanes of fire.

Beware the fury of the Firelord.

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